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Habonim 1950's


Here are some photos supplied by Aryeh Wolfin.
They are from the 1950's

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Irish Rambling Camp 1950
Plugah  Liverpool at  Great Orm. 1956
Chavurat Kfar Hanassi, Kinloss Gds, NW London 1950
Camp 1953
Dutch Cycling Camp 1951
Hachshara Reading 1952-3
Israel 1954
Machon group in Naples 1953
Machon Group, Israel 1953
Madrichim Seminar, Barnston Dale 1950
Madrichim Seminar, Barnston Dale 1952,
Manchester 1956
Rambling Camp 1951
Rambling Camp 1952
NW London 1950
Tiyul NW London 1950