> 1936-1939 Harrietsham plus camps

1936-1939 Harrietsham


Here are some photos supplied by Allan Bordoley.
They are from the period 1936-1939 taken at Hechalutz B'Anglia Farm at Harrietsham
plus Habonim camps of that era.

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a01 - Original David Eder Farm
a02 - Shalom Bordoley, Eder Farm  1936
a03 - Shalom & Leah Bordoley 1937
a04 - Hechalutz letter 1933
a05 - Hechalutz Invitation 1936
a06 - Avni Family
a07 Schmulik
A08 Esther Pa'er (nee Grunhut)
A09 Teddy Kolleck
A10 - David Eder Farm 1938
A11- Solly (Shalom ) Banks 1938
a12 - Shalom Banks on his 90th birthday 2007.
A13.  Camp David Eder.
A14 David Eder Farm 1938
A15 David Eder Fm 1938
A16 David Eder Farm 1938
A17 David Eder Farm 1938
A18 David Eder Farm Camp 1938
A19 David Eder Farm 1939
A20 David Eder Farm - Group 1938
A21 David Eder Fm 1939 - Family group
A22 David Eder Farm - Group 1938
A23 David Eder Farm 1938.9
A24 David Eder Farm 1938 Car and passengers..9
A25 David Eder Farm 1938
A26 David Eder Farm 1938.eder fm 1936
A27 David Eder Fm 1938
A28 david Eder fm 1938
A29 David Eder Farm 1938 Avodah.
A30 David Eder Fm - 4 chaverim 1939
A31 D.Eder Farm 2 chaverim
A32 -David Eder Farm 1938
A33 Michael Sherbourne & Charlie Fox 2007
A34 Naame (K.Blum 1943) In the beginning....
A36 Kfar
A38  Eder Fm. Camp 1938 and 39
A39 Eder Fm camp 1938 and 39 - Athletes...
A40 Eder Fm 1938 and 39 Shalom Banks and friends
A41 Eder Fm Camp 1938 and 39 Acky Cohen
A42 Eder Fm 1938 and 39 Camp Acky Cohen and Shalom Banks
A43 D.Eder Fm Camp 1939 Acky Cohen, Shalom Banks and friend
A44 D Eder Fm Camp 1938, Acky Cohen, Moggy Margolis etc..
A45 Yaacov Morris Chaver D.Eder Fm 1938.Eder Fm 1938                                                                             11
A46 D Eder Fm 1938 yaacov morris
A47. D.Eder Farm 1938 - unknown
A48 Irish Habonim camp Millisle 1935
A49 Irish Habonim campo 1935
A50 Irish habonim camp millisle 1935
A51 Irish habonim camp millisle 1935