> David Eder Farm (The Chava)

David Eder Farm, Horsham


These are from the Chava at Horsham. The original David Eder was at Ringlestone (See album above)

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Boris the Chava pet dog
View from back porch
Chava refet
Cleaning refet
Chava back porch view
Pesach 1952/53
1952 Chava Garin Gimmel at Barnston Dale
David Eder group 1952_3
Chava 1952 Paul, Val, FF
Original David Eder Farm
47 Sicha at the Chava, 1965. (details to follow later)
47 Sicha at the Chava,1965, (details to follow, later)
48 A point in question, HaChava, 1965 (details to follow)
Article photo 1958
43 ''Let's pitch in!'' 1965, Eder Farm (details to follow)
21 Rambling Camp at Namur, Belgium, 1960 (details to follow later)
44 ''On milkley Moor baat 'at!'' Eder Farm, 1965
46 ''Aaaa! me arm's stoock!'' Chava, 1965, from Ralph G.
45 Ready - get 'set'.... Eder Farm, 1965, from Ralph G.
Chava  Front
Article about Chava 1958