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Leaving for Machon 1953
52 The docks' scene on arrival at Haifa, 1966, from Ralph G. (2)
58 Congratulations! Habonim at 50.
56 Habonim's 50th Anniversary Celebrations
53 After work, the view from Kibbutz Amiad, 1966.
54 Zig at Kibbutz Amiad, 1966. (details to follow later)
49 Prior to Aliyah, London, 1966 (details to follow)
50 London, Victoria Station, 1966 - Well 'trained' indeed!
51 On route to Israel, 1966 (details to follow later)
Israel Camp 1955 madrichim
Israel Camp 1955
NW London 1950
57 President Yitzhak Navon meets with chaverim, 1979.
62 The President quipping a quick quip! 1979 Celebrations
59 President Navon meets with chaverim. (1979)
60 President Navon's opening speech, 50th Anniversary.
61 The British Embassy Representative makes a witty remark.
55 ''Smile please!'' 50th Anniv.(details soon) from Ralph G.
Winter of 63, Cranfield College Bedford
63 Cyril & Marty Ruben
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